EcoGIS Consulting
Specializing in Environmental Decision Making

About EcoGIS Consulting

“At EcoGIS Consulting, I specialize in utilizing GIS technology for environmental research and decision making. I recognize that GIS Specialists are required on a variety of projects, but are not often built into hiring for many organizations. This lack of position can become an Achilles’ heel for organizations when carrying out or applying for grant funded projects. My goal is to help organizations make the most out of the skills they do posses by adding my expertise in environmental science, management, and policy as well as geospatial science.”

Sydney Nick
Founder, EcoGIS Consulting

Education and Experience


I graduated from Allegheny College, with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science and received my Masters of Science, specializing in Coastal Ecosystem Science from The University of New Hampshire. I earned my graduate certification in Geospatial Science from the University of New Hampshire.

Technical Skills

Highly skilled at ArcGIS Desktop 9 and 10, including Network analyst, Spatial analyst and 3D analyst extensions, raster and vector data analysis, model builder, ArcGIS online, handheld GPS units, ERDAS Imagine 2010 (Classic Interface), SPSS, R, RStudio, Python, SQL, Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Access.

Related Coursework

Linking Decision-Making and Coastal Ecosystem Science, Coastal Challenges for Science-Policy Collaborations, Statistics, Wetlands Ecology and Management, Resolving Environmental Conflicts, GIS in Natural Resources, Elements of Geospatial Science, Approach to Research, Survey Research Methods, Remote Sensing of the Environment.

Field and lab skills

GPS collection, small boat handling, sediment coring, LOI processing of sediment cores, avian identification, fyke netting, water quality measurements, habitat assessment, PIT tagging, tree coring, electrofishing, stream invertebrate sampling, basic water chemistry testing.