EcoGIS Consulting
Specializing in Environmental Decision Making

Creating Action From Science

EcoGIS Consulting fills the skills gap that currently exists when it comes to using geospatial and environmental data to create action from science. With a background in environmental science, management, and policy, I am able to understand the underlying assumptions needed to gather, organize, analyze, and disseminate information. I work with academic researchers, environmental groups, research institutions, and varying levels of government to help improve environmental management decisions.

What EcoGIS Consulting Can Do For You


  • Provide maps about environmental data (rainfall, wetlands, natural resources)
  • Manage and map long term environmental survey data to provide insight in trends (to inform management decisions, so stakeholders can be better informed, create outreach materials for public awareness of environmental issues)
  • Hydrologic mapping to monitor potential impacts from things such as pollution, sedimentation, nutrient loading


  • Analyze human impacts on ecosystems by mapping, inventorying, overlaying various criteria (population/census, resources, social indices)
  • Assess efficacy of proposed management or habitat restoration decisions
  • Model predicted habitat changes due to symptoms of climate change

Identify and Plan

  • Potential environmental restoration areas
  • Identify efficiency gaps and plan more effective data collection and standardization procedures
  • Opportunities for conservation, restoration, economic development

Sydney is multi-talented, has the communication skills, environmental science background, and GIS computer chops to make significant contributions to any resource management project.”

David Burdick, University of New Hampshire, Interim Director of Jackson Estuarine Lab and Associate Research Professor